What is respite care?

This service provides a certified and trained person to supervise and care for a person in order to relieve caregivers so they can go to a movie, out to dinner, take a vacation, visit an event, or simply take a nap.  Respite care may be provided overnight as well.

"Respite" means taking a break from the daily challenges associated with caring for anyone (child or family member) with special needs including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and cognitive/intellectual disabilities. If you need an emotional (or physical) break from taking care of your loved one, respite care might be the answer. Respite care can take place in either your home or outside of your home, like a community center (or really, wherever is needed.) Respite care is offered at EE Respite & Habilitation for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Included in these services are the sharpening of self care skills, social skills, assistance in communication, and hygiene.


What is habilitation?

This service uses a variety of methods designed to maximize the person’s abilities. It may include habilitative therapies, special developmental skill instruction, behavior interventions or sensory motor development.  It may occur in the person’s home a community setting or a residential setting.

Habilitation helps a child or family member with disabilities learn, keep, or improve skills and functional abilities that they may not be developing normally. Habilitation is offered at Exceptional Expectations. The way habilitation is different from respite care is that the services are customized based on the client's goals and level of functioning, which we work with you to define. The focus is assisting with increased independence by helping with improving communication, learning adaptive skills, and independent living. 


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