Take a breather. We're here now.


Overwhelmed emotionally and physically? We're here to relieve your stress by providing you with professional, trusted and effective respite and habilitation services. Now, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your loved one is in our good hands. Exceptional Expectations is a qualified vendor contracted with the Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide in-home habilitation and respite services.


What is respite care?

"Respite" means taking a break from the daily challenges associated with caring for anyone (child or parent) with special needs. If you need an emotional (or physical) break from taking care of your loved one with special needs, respite care might be the answer.

What is habilitation?

Habilitation helps a child or parent with disabilities learn, keep, or improve skills and functional abilities that they may not be developing normally. Habilitation is offered at EE Respite & Habilitation for adults and children with developmental disabilities.


The Thompson family says...

Exceptional Expectations dedication, kindness and expertise have really made a difference in our son's life and ours. Since your agency started working with him, he is less anxious, more willing to try new things, verbally able to express his basic wants and needs, academically at or above peer level, more confident, able to follow simple directions, continuously making improvements with concentration, attention, and task completion, tremendously better at making transitions with a classroom routine. Thank you so much for the remarkable work you have done.


About our providers

Exceptional Expectations is committed to employing quality individuals who have a passion for children and adults with special needs.


We feel that it is the provider's attitude and experience that make for a successful home therapy program. Habilitation and respite services are provided in a positive atmosphere of enthusiasm, love and professionalism. Exceptional Expectations has providers of all ages and backgrounds. Many providers are students attending ASU or other educational institutions. These students are studying education, special education, psychology, and other similar majors. Other providers are instructional assistants in a school district working in a special education environment. We strive to educate our providers with the necessary and appropriate skills to ensure that each client is receiving the most appropriate services. To learn more, or apply to become a provider, take a look at the careers.


Did you Know?

You can get all respite and habilitation services covered by the state, thanks to the Division of Developmental Disabilities.